Tesla Apple Carplay Adapter

Transform your Tesla's infotainment system with the cutting-edge Tesla Apple Carplay Adapter – seamless integration at your fingertips.

Apple Wireless Carplay Stereo

 Tesla Apple Carplay Adapter FAQ

Drive smart, connect smarter with the Tesla Apple Carplay Adapter.

Can the Tesla Apple Carplay work with all Tesla models?

The adapter is compatible with most Tesla models; however, check specific model compatibility before purchase.

Is installation of the Tesla Apple Carplay complex?

No, it's designed for a simple plug-and-play setup that doesn't require professional installation or modifications to your car.

Does the Tesla Apple Carplay support wireless connection?

Yes, it supports a wireless connection, allowing you to connect your iPhone to your Tesla without the need for cables.

Can I use the Tesla Apple Carplay with the latest iOS version?

The adapter is continually updated to support the most recent iOS versions, ensuring compatibility with the latest iPhone models and software updates.

How does the Tesla Apple Carplay affect my car’s original features?

It integrates seamlessly, maintaining all original Tesla functionalities while adding the benefits of Apple Carplay.

What should I do if my Tesla Apple Carplay isn’t working properly?

Ensure your iPhone and adapter firmware are both up-to-date. If issues persist, consult the support service for troubleshooting or potential replacement.