Carplay Adapter Won't Connect

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 Carplay Adapter Won't Connect FAQ

Get back on track with your Carplay Adapter using these handy tips.

What should I do if my Carplay Adapter doesn't connect to my iPhone?

Check to ensure that your iPhone is running the latest iOS version, and restart both your device and the Carplay Adapter.

Why does my Carplay Adapter keep disconnecting?

This could be due to weak USB connection. Try using a different USB cable or port, or clean the current port of any dust and debris.

How can I tell if my Carplay Adapter is compatible with my vehicle?

Refer to the compatibility list provided by the adapter's manufacturer, usually available on their website or user manual.

My Carplay Adapter worked before, why won’t it connect now?

Ensure there are no new updates required for your adapter or phone. Sometimes, security settings or updated features can affect connectivity.